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Our Story

We moved to Perth in 2012. 

We fell in love with the culture, beaches, wonderful people and the mesmerising sunsets we watched almost every evening. And the weather of course which I can only describe as ‘perfect’.

The decision to settle here came easy. It was love at first sight.

I have a degree in English literature and was a teacher back in Poland where we are from.

I never felt like that was my calling though so I became a qualified painter.

Basia, being an MA in literature, needed a challenge and a break from an IT job she was at the time doing.

Soon, Basia and I realised there is a great demand in the market for fence spray painting services. Perth home owners were not happy with the cream fences surrounding their backyards.

Fence Makeovers came into existence in 2017 in a small home office. 

Both of us, being passionate and creative, the idea of starting a family  business was exciting and promising. It also turned out scary and stressful when we added 2 small kids to the equation 🙂 

Our son and baby daughter watched the daily struggles as the business grew alongside them. Season after season, we conquered new challenges and made the best we could with our time.

7 years have passed now.

Basia and I are very proud of what became of Fence Makeovers. We have a wonderful team and are the leaders in this very demanding trade. We undoubtedly offer the best spray painting services in Australia and continue to grow each year.


Clients often tell us we are “not like other trades” 🙂 and maybe that is the key to our success. 

Our Mission

We love Australian backyards & the beautiful Perth weather. We are a family-owned business, we strive for unrivalled customer satisfaction, innovation and value.
It is our mission to help you complete the look of your landscape without compromise.
We look ahead and see the promise of what could be. That is why, after so many years, we are still the go to fence painting company helping You live the Australian Dream.

It is our mission to help you complete the look of your landscape without compromise.

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