Asbestos Fence Painting | We make asbestos safer for your family

Asbestos fence painting: making it safer


Is tired-looking asbestos fence an eye-sore of your garden? Do you worry about the safety of your fence?

We can help.

Fence Makeovers is the first business in Perth focusing on fence painting. Painting asbestos fence not only makes your fence look great. It also makes it safer for you and and your family. Two layers of paint seal the asbestos fibres, stopping them from flying away.

When we work with asbestos, we do not touch its surface, we do not disturb any of its particles. Instead, we spray paint it with an industrial precision spray gun, using top of the range exterior paint which is UV, rain, mould and stain resistant. See how painting the asbestos fence makes it look modern:

Our most popular colours


Painting Asbestos Fence Makes It Safer For You And Your Family.

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