painting asbestos fence

Painting Asbestos Fence

THE GREY EYE-SORE OF A FENCE Asbestos fences are very common in WA. They are also one of the ugliest fences on the planet! Default colour is mousey-grey, this fence catches dust and dirt easily. Also, most often it is a dated fence - asbestos fences were phased out in 1980's . Painting asbestos fence? [...]

fence painting cost

How Much Does Fence Painting Cost?

FENCE REPLACING OR FENCE RESPRAYING? Unattractive fence spoils the look of a backyard and lets a property down. You can have a beautiful garden but if it is surrounded by an ugly fence - the whole outdoor space suffers! What are my options? I hear you say. You can either replace the ugly fence OR [...]

hardifence painting

Painting Hardifence

Can I paint hardifence? This question comes up a lot. Hardifence is one of the most popular fencing solutions used in Western Australia. It's not expensive and lasts for years and is quite easy to put up. However, there are few cons of hardifence that have to be mentioned as well. Firstly, it only comes [...]

Painting colorbond fence

Painting Colorbond Fence

The Art of Fence Spraying At Fence Makeovers we specialise exclusively in fence respraying and the fence we paint the most often is colorbond. Painting colorbond fence is a brilliant way to improve the look of your backyard. Going from ugly yellow to ultra modern black transforms outdoor space. And we can do it for [...]

Dulux fence paint

What’s The Best Fence Paint?

your questions answered: ThE BEST FENCE PAINT - DULUX FENCE PAINT When it comes to colorbond fence painting, we often get asked: A): Is it possible to paint colorobond fence? B): What's the best paint to paint a fence? A): The answer is: YES! Colorbond fence CAN be painted. At Fence Makeovers we specialise in fence [...]

Fence respraying

Can My Colorbond Fence Be Painted?

Colorbond fence painting PERTH If you own colorbond fence, chances are you are not happy with the way it looks. This is because colorbond steel by default comes in dull generic colours. Far from modern! But we are here to help.  Fence Makeovers are Perth's first colorbond fence respraying specialists. 'Is it possible to paint my [...]