timber fence painting

Painting Timber Fence (Treated Pine)

Fence Makeovers At Fence Makeovers we specialise exclusively in fence respraying. We paint all types of fences and one of the fences we do very often is timber fence (treated pine). We get asked many questions about timber fence painting so we thought we will put some answers down for you. How do we do it? [...]

repainting colorbond fence

Repainting Colorbond Fence

Colorbond Fence Repaint Perth has many beautiful homes but is also famous for its ugly fences. In our everyday work we meet many people unhappy with the current look of their fence. Often our clients contact us about colorbond fence. The choice of colours of colorbond steel used to be very limited, to say the [...]

painting asbestos fence

Painting Asbestos Fence

Hi there Thanks for stopping by. At Fence Makeovers we specialise in fence respraying. We paint all types of fences and today we would like to answer some questions that we get asked daily. QUESTION: CAN ASBESTOS FENCE BE PAINTED? Asbestos fences are very common in WA. They are also one of the ugliest fences [...]

fence painting cost

How Much Does Fence Painting Cost?

FENCE REPLACING OR FENCE RESPRAYING? Unattractive fence spoils the look of a backyard and lets a property down. You can have a beautiful garden but if it is surrounded by an ugly fence - the whole outdoor space suffers! What are my options? I hear you say. You can either replace the ugly fence OR [...]

hardifence painting

Painting Hardifence (Hardiflex)

One fence, many names Hardifence/hardiefence/fibro /hardiflex... This fence is known by many names. At Fence Makeovers we specialise in fence respraying and we work with hardifence every day. Hardifence is one of the most popular fencing solutions used in Western Australia. It's not expensive and lasts for years and is quite easy to put up. [...]

Painting colorbond fence

Painting Colorbond Fence

The Art of Fence Spraying At Fence Makeovers (based in Perth WA), we specialise exclusively in fence respraying and the fence we paint the most often is colorbond. Painting colorbond fence is a brilliant way to improve the look of your backyard. Going from mousy beige to dark transforms outdoor space. And we can do [...]

Dulux fence paint

What’s The Best Fence Paint?

your questions answered: ThE BEST FENCE PAINT - DULUX FENCE PAINT At Fence Makeovers (based in Perth WA), we specialise exclusively in fence respraying.  One of the fences we paint most often is colorbond. We often get asked: A): Is it possible to paint a colorbond fence? B): What's the best paint to paint a [...]