Fence Makeovers Perth fence painting

What’s The Finish Going To Be Like?

FENCE RESPRAYING: Dulux paints and amazing finish

At Fence Makeovers (based in Perth, WA), we specialise exclusively in fence respraying. We paint all types of fences and often get asked these questions:

What colour can I paint my fence?

You can choose one of the many colours, Dulux fence paint comes in many shades – your fence can look as beautiful as interiors of your home!

Just take a look at the below Dulux fence paint colour chart:

Dulux fence paint

Here are some examples of our work:

Fence Makeovers Perth

Fence Makeovers Perth

Fence Makeovers Perth

Fence Makeovers Perth

What’s the finish going to be like after the makeover?

The short answer is: AMAZING.

Why? Because spray painting distributes paint very thinly and evenly on the surface of the fence. It’s like painting with a lace brush. Even an old and tired fence will look fresh and new after the respray.

This is a picture of colorbond fence after respraying (before the makeover, the original colour was beige). The effect is silky-smooth finish:


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