Dulux fence paint

What’s the best fence paint?

your questions answered: ThE BEST FENCE PAINT – DULUX FENCE PAINT

When it comes to colorbond fence painting, we often get asked:

A): Is it possible to paint colorobond fence?

B): What’s the best paint to paint a fence?

A): The answer is: YES! Colorbond fence CAN be painted. At Fence Makeovers we specialise in fence painting exclusively. You can make your colorbond fence any colour you like and the end result is incredible. Fence repaint will transform your outdoor space (just have a look at our recent makeovers).


B): The best paint to use to paint your fence is Dulux. We use Dulux Weathershield range in fence painting. This paint is durable, it can withstand harsh weather (both extreme heat and cold/rain). Deluxe Weathershield also prevents UV damage and resists mould and stains. Therefore, it is the perfect paint for fence makeover project.

Dulux fence paint

Dulux offers wide range of colours, you can make your fence any hue you like. At Fence Makeovers we use spray painting technique to paint fences. Spraying gives great results and is time efficient. We can transform your backyard in 1 day!

Colorbond fence painting

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