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Your questions answered: the best fence paint

At Fence Makeovers (based in Perth WA), we specialise exclusively in fence respraying.  We service all types of fences and you can choose any colour that you like, so that your back garden looks exactly the way you want.

We often get asked:


What types of fences do you paint?

We spray paint all types of fences: colorbond, hardifence, asbestos and timber fences.

We change the colour of fences so that you can design your outdoor space the way you want


What is the best fence paint?

The best paint to use to paint your fence is Dulux. We use Dulux Weathershield range in fence painting. This paint is durable, it can withstand harsh weather (both extreme heat and cold/rain). Deluxe Weathershield also prevents UV damage and resists mould and stains. Therefore, it is the perfect paint for fence makeover project.

You can choose any colour from Dulux’s vast range.

How do you do it?

  1. We clean the surface of a fence
  2. Then we mask the edges of a fence to avoid over-spraying
  3. We also cover outdoor plants and furniture
  4. We treat rust and mould where necessary
  5. Lastly, we spray paint the fence with two coats of Dulux Weathershield or Wattyl Solagard

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