fence painting cost

How Much Does Fence Painting Cost?


Unattractive fence spoils the look of a backyard and lets a property down. You can have a beautiful garden but if it is surrounded by an ugly fence – the whole outdoor space suffers!

What are my options? I hear you say. You can either replace the ugly fence OR have it resprayed the colour you like.

Fence painting is our, Fence Makeovers, specialty. We are your fence respraying experts.

But how much does fence painting cost? People often ask if it is cheaper to have a fence resprayed or if it’s better to have it replaced.

fence painting cost

The answer?

Fence respraying is a lot easier on your wallet. 

Having your fence resprayed is often 60% (or more) cheaper than having your current fence taken down and replaced.

The cost of fence PAINTING

How much do you charge then, I hear you ask.

The prices start from only $950.

How do we calculate the value of a fence makeover?

Well it depends on:

  • How long the fence is
  • How high it is
  • Current state of the fence (is it very dirty? are there any rust or bore stains?)

Fence respraying makes an incredible difference. Not only will your fence look brand new. Your whole outdoor space will change! And you can pick any colour you like for your fence!

Fence painting cost

how much does fence painting cost

So if you are not happy with the current look of your fence, don’t jump straight to having it replaced by a new one.

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