Fence respraying – the new magic cure that will transform your corroded, water bore stained fence in a day

All too often, beautiful houses are surrounded by neglected and sad-looking corroded, bore water damaged fences. It’s like displaying the Mona Lisa in a rusty frame!

The good news? In just one day we can help you fix, restore and finish your fence to a standard that will make it the envy of the street.

How fence respraying helps to remove bore water stain from your fence


Fence respraying is a great way to get rid off stubborn bore iron staining from your fence. At Fence Makeovers we use top of the range Dulux and Wattyl paint which are UV, mould and stain resistant.

As hard as it may be to believe, the eye-sore of your garden, bore stained fence can look new again. And all we need to transform your ugly-looking fence is one day.

About Fence Makeovers

Fence Makeovers is Perth based company specialising in fence respraying. It’s 100% WA owned, run by Bart and Basia Gucwa.

Since the launch in 2017 the business has been rapidly growing in popularity among Perth customers, receiving only raving reviews.

Fence Makeovers’ mission is to turn dated fences into modern canvas, so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Case Study:  Bore stained colorbond fence in Cannington, WA


Check out this little video we took of the project we completed in Cannington. Yellow colorbond fence was badly stained with bore water and was spoiling the look of the beautiful new pool our clients just had installed.

As you can see, fence respraying is a great bore water stain removal method. You don’t have to replace your fence – it will look flawless again.

If you would like some help with transforming your bore water stained fence, ask for a free estimate today.

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