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One Clever Trick That Will Transform Your Backyard Forever

Do you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for home inspo?  Searching for a next project? Always trying to improve the look of your outdoors? Is the list of things you want done never-ending?

I have news for you.

There is one trick no one talks about. One project which, once completed, transforms a backyard – forever. Two words.


Seriously, fence painting makes incredible difference in whole backyard appearance.  Imagine going from yellow colorbond to ultra modern charcoal! Or instead of grey-ish tired  fibro fence have sophisticated graphite!

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Really, it’s a no-brainer. Fence painting takes one-two days to complete.  The cost of the makeover is less than 20% of a cost of replacing a fence. The difference fence respray makes to a space is PRICELESS.

This is exactly why we LOVE fence painting. At Fence Makeovers we specialise exclusively in fence respraying and we are super passionate about what we do.

Our mission is to transform backyards so that people can fully enjoy their lovely outdoors.

We started our biz because  time and time again,we saw beautiful backyards spoiled by ugly fences. This is how Fence Makeovers came to life.

Think of your fence as your backyard’s canvas. Changing the colour of this huge surface that surrounds your whole outdoor area makes mind blowing difference.

A client once said to me : Bart, you must love your job, it is so rewarding to see the huge change and the impact your effort makes!  And she was 100% right.


Colorbond fence colour before repaint

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