Do you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, looking for an inspiration, looking for ways to beautify your outdoor space?

There is one trick no one talks about. One project which, once completed, transforms a backyard – forever. It’s fence respraying.

Fence respraying

Fence is your backyard’s canvas. It’s the frame that displays your home and your garden. It’s the first thing you notice when you step outside. An ugly, faded, tired-looking fence spoils the outdoor space.

Fence respraying is the perfect way to completely transform the look of a fence and your backyard, without having to remove it and replace it. It’s transformational, affordable and lasting.

colorbond fence painting


Fence painting truly transforms the whole backyard’s appearance. Not only does the fence look fresh and gets a new lease of life. With the properly selected colour, you can add an illusion of space to your garden, or accentuate your beautiful plants.

Easy & affordable

Fence painting project (or how we call it, a fence makeover) takes on average one to two days.

It is also an affordable option. To have your fence resprayed the colour you like costs four times less than having the fence removed and replaced (which also makes fence painting an environmentally-conscious option).

fence painting

Fence painting tips

Picking the right colour for your fence is the most important step. Our advice? Consider the size of your back garden, whether or not you have a pool, and the number our outdoor plants.

White (like Surf Mist) will add an illusion of space to smaller spaces. Dark colours (Black Ace or Monument) look beautiful and modern next to a swimming pool. Also, dark will make the plants truly ‘pop’ and show them off.

We hope this post gives you a little inspiration and encourages you to give your fence a makeover. If you live in Perth and would like some help with it, get in touch with us today.

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