painting asbestos fence

Painting Asbestos Fence


Asbestos fences are very common in WA. They are also one of the ugliest fences on the planet! Default colour is mousey-grey, this fence catches dust and dirt easily. Also, most often it is a dated fence – asbestos fences were phased out in 1980’s .

Can asbestos fence be painted?

Painting asbestos fence?

Everyone hates the default asbestos colour. But can we paint asbestos fence? The answer is YES, yes it can. What’s more, painting asbestos fence actually has benefits!

The layer of paint seals the asbestos fibres, stopping them from flying away. Painting asbestos fence makes it safer for your family!

Being able to paint over ghastly asbestos grey means you get to choose any colour you want! Dark colours look great – the difference is simply incredible!

asbestos fence painted dark


At Fence Makeovers we specialise exclusively in fence respraying. We are experts in spray painting technique. Spray painting means the asbestos fence is not touched by a brush, it’s not scrubbed. The paint is gently sprayed on the surface of a fence, sealing asbestos in and making it safer.

We use two-coating system and our paint of choice is Dulux Weathershield. The whole project takes 1-2 days, depending on weather conditions.

If you are unhappy with the look of your grey asbestos fence, get in touch with Bart from Fence Makeovers and have your outdoor space transformed.