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Hate the current look of your colorbond fence?

Perth has many beautiful homes but is also famous for its ugly fences. You may have a beautiful home and backyard, but if it’s surrounded by an unattractive fence – the whole property suffers!

Luckily, we can help.

Fence painting service that transforms back gardens

You no longer have to put up with an ugly look of your fence. At Fence Makeovers, we specialise exclusively in fence respraying and we would like to share with you how we paint colorbond fences.

Your colorbond fence can be painted any colour you wish and the end result transforms the look of the whole outdoor space.

We will transform the look of your fence so you can entertain your guests in style

Painting colorbond fence

We use spray painting technique and a two-coating system. Spray painting takes a skill, but when done properly, distributes the paint very evenly and gives an amazing, factory-like finish.

Your tired looking colorbond fence can look like new again!

How we do it – the process

When painting a colorbond fence, we always follow the below steps, to get the best possible results:

  1. Make sure the surface is clean and ready for painting
  2. Cover all outdoor plants and furniture
  3. Mask the edges of the fence to prevent over-spraying
  4. We use the best industrial spray gun available on the market
  5. We spray paint with top of the range self priming Dulux or Wattyl range – awesome paints that are durable, UV, rain and mould resistant
  6. We offer three year workmanship warranty


What colour should I choose for my fence?

You can pick ANY colour you like. We use top of the range Dulux and Wattyl range which comes in a variety of colours. Colorbond fence can be painted darker or lighter – depending on the style of a backyard, its size and the number of outdoor plants.

If you are stuck deciding on a colour for your fence, check out our recent makeovers.

When to repaint your colorbond fence lighter

Light colour will transform your backyard, if:

• It’s on the smaller scale – white will make your backyard look bigger

• If you like the ‘beachy’ summer-y vibe – white fence is your go-to option

• If your house is modern – white fence will brighten your outdoor space up

• If you like elegance and simplicity – white colorbond looks great!

Our go-to colours are ‘SurfMist’ and ‘Woodland Grey’.

When to paint your colorbond fence darker.

Dark colour will look AWESOME if your backyard:
• Is spacious – dark will look very modern
• Has green plants – dark fence really makes the green POP!
• You have a pool – dark accentuates the blue of your water

We most often use: ‘Monument’, ‘Basalt’ and ‘Black Ace’.

You don’t have to settle for an average looking fence. Get in touch to book your free fence makeover valuation.

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