Painting a colorbond fence

Can you paint colorbond fences?

We often get asked if Colorbond fence can be painted. The answer is, yes, you can paint a colorbond fence. At Fence Makeovers we specialise in Colorbond fence respraying.


How We Paint Colorbond Fences

The best way to do it, which gives an amazing, factory-like finish, is to spray paint over colorbond. There is a slight difference between painting new (less than 5 years old) and older colorbond fences.

We make sure the surface is clean and dust free (for new and older fences) and wait for it to dry completely. We treat rust and mould and ensure the fence is ready for painting (older colorbond fences). We also vacuum dirt from the bottom lip of the fence.

We then cover all outdoor plants and furniture to protect from paint. We thoroughly mask the edges of the fence to prevent over-spraying.

For best results and a streak free finish, use an low-pressure, industrial spray gun.

We apply an undercoat (colorbond fences up to 5 years old – older fences don’t require an undercoat, because the surface is weathered).

Lastly, we apply two coats of top of the range, exterior paint.


What Colour To Choose For Your Colorbond Fence?


Colorbond steel comes in a variety of colours. If you are stuck picking the right colour for your space, read our blog, “Choosing the Right Colour for Your Fence”  here.


Choosing the Right Contractor


When choosing a fence painting expert, always make sure they are experienced and know what they are doing. Fence respraying takes a great skill, you don’t want to end up with your house (or your neighbour’s) sprayed with paint!

Always do your research, read other clients reviews, before you hire a fence spray painter.



About Fence Makeovers


Fence Makeovers is Perth based company specialising in fence respraying. It’s 100% WA owned, run by Bart and Basia Gucwa.

Since its launch in 2017 the business has been rapidly growing in popularity among Perth customers, receiving only raving reviews.

Fence Makeovers’ mission is to turn dated fences into modern canvas, so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Colorbond fences we have resprayed

fence painting Perth
fence painting Perth
painting colorbond fence
painting colorbond fence
painting colorbond fence

How we work

If you would like to see Fence Makeovers in action, watch the below video where Bart shows how we paint Colorbond fences.

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