hardifence painting

Painting Hardifence

Can I paint hardifence?

This question comes up a lot. Hardifence is one of the most popular fencing solutions used in Western Australia. It’s not expensive and lasts for years and is quite easy to put up.

However, there are few cons of hardifence that have to be mentioned as well.

Firstly, it only comes in one unattractive colour –  cementy-greyish.

Secondly, hardifence  gets dirty quickly.

To sum up – unfortunately, hardifence can become an eye-sore of your garden:

painting hardifence

LUCKILY,  there’s a cure for that, and we, Fence Makeovers, can help!


The answer is YES! At Fence Makeovers we specialise exclusively in fence respraying and painting hardifence is what we do! This is the exact same fence after a respray:

painting hardifence

You can choose to have you hardifence resprayed  the same colour, so it looks new again:

hardifence painting

Or you can go darker and select one of charcoals. Such change gives striking effect and the plants of your garden will POP against the dark of the fence:

hardifence painting

Hardifence doesn’t have to be generic or ugly. With our help, you can have fun by making it the colour that tickles your fancy. And your backyard will look great after the fence is resprayed.

If your fence needs a makeover, get in touch with Fence Makeovers team and book your free quote today.